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Basic Car Repairs Everyone Should Know

Car repair

If you drive a car, you should know how to repair it too! Not the kind of full-fledged repairs mechanics do, but the easy to do and easy to understand ones which can help you in a rainy day. So here are some basic car repair tips which it’s best everyone knows – so read on:

1. Changing a flat tyre

Anyone can have a flat tyre at any time – day or night, between a trip or a normal drive to the office – a flat tyre is something that shouldn’t hinder you at all. This means that you have to learn how to change a flat tyre. It’s not that difficult as people think of it to be – once you learn it, it’s easy to change a flat tyre anytime. Just observe someone doing it and then try it out yourself, and you’re good to go.

2. Replacing the oil

Depending on what vehicle you have, you should know after what specific kilometres the oil in your vehicle should be changed. Oil is an essential aspect that keeps your vehicle smooth functioning, and replacing it after regular intervals to prevent it from turning black and tampering with the functioning of your car is essential. So yes, you need to be well versed with how to drain the oil from your car and also replace it with fresh oil.


3. Dealing with scratches

No one likes scratches on the car – even a tiny scratch can mar the appearance of the car. And getting it done from the showroom can prove to be expensive. So instead of ignoring the issue entirely or spending a bomb n getting rid of the scratches, you could learn how to deal with them by yourself! Learn it off from a YouTube video, and you’ll be thanking yourself (and us, too) later!

4. Replacing wipers

Wipers are the crux of the visibility of your car. Imagine driving through rainfall through without wipers functioning or broken! It’s not a really difficult task to repair or replace the wipers – so learn how to do it. In times when you really require the services of wipers, you’ll be grateful for learning how to fix them!

Learning how to do little repairs of your car by yourself won’t only save you money, but also help you in those rainy days when you desperately require help, and there’s none around. It’s best to start off with the basics and then move to the advanced repairing hacks.

Essential Car Maintenance Tips

Essential car maintenance tips

To ensure your car remains fit, have to keep maintaining it at regular intervals. What should I do to make sure my car stays new as ever and runs well too? Here are a few tips which you can consider, read on:

Check tyre pressure regularly

This is probably the first thing you should be doing when it comes to looking after your car. Making this a part of your weekly routine, is a must. The expenses which you would incur in case the pressure in the tyres is ignored are too high. So it’s best you keep a watch on this regularly.

Check the battery

You sure don’t want the battery of your car to run out when you need it the most. So keep a watch on the battery indicator on the dashboard – it’s there for a reason, right? So if it goes red, you’re the battery is seriously in need of recharge or replacement. Keep a watch and save yourself from untoward battery situations!


Check car fluids and oil

Car fluids and especially the oil are what keep the car functioning smoothly. You should never compromise on the engine oil – it’s like the blood which runs in the veins of the vehicle to keep it running without any glitches. If the engine oil turns black or reduces in quantity, your car may face issues. The same applies to other car fluids too. So all you have to do is check these fluids often and ensure they’re up to the required limits. If not, refill them immediately.

Check the air filter

The AC of your car will function well and circulate clean air only if you change the air filters in your car every year. The air that circulates in your car will be clean and fresh only if you have a clean air filter. So check it and replace it when it’s the right time.


Check Tyre alignment

Get the alignment of your tyres checked often. Getting your tyres balanced and rotated ensures your tyres have a long life without any major wear and tear. A small tyre check up once in a while is a must – it will not only keep your tyres in good condition for a long time but also ensure you won’t have to face significant expenses in the future.

Getting these small things checked should be an essential part of your car maintenance routine. So make sure you include these and keep a watch of all these aspects regularly.

How To Maintain The Shine Of Your Car

Car shine

Maintaining a car is something which you have to do to keep the look of the car intact. And what’s better than directing your effort to maintain the shine of your car to keep it looking brand new? Here are a few tips to keep your car looking as new as ever:



Clean the car

The best way to avoid scratches on your car is to make sure the surface of your car is clean. Even dust particles are enough to cause scratches on your car. , the surface of your car clean, is essential. Gently dust off any particles settled on the car and then clean it with water and mild shampoo. The shampoo won’t harm the paint of your car, and gentle cleaning ensures there are no scratches on the car’s surface.

Polish and wax

Find the right polish and wax that suits your car. You need to polish your car after every wash to ensure it stays clean for a longer time. Be careful which product you choose – some products have abrasive materials in them too, which work otherwise and ruin the look of the car.

Polish and wax

Paint conditioner

A paint conditioner works wonders when it comes to maintaining the paint of your car. Using a proper conditioner is important, though. Check out the ingredients of the products you’re planning to use for your car – there is a possibility that the paint conditioners have abrasive materials in them just like the wax. So yes, you have to be careful with the conditioner too.


Rust proofing your vehicle is an important aspect of keeping the shine of your vehicle for a longer time. Rust is any metals worst enemy – and to prevent your vehicle from looking shabby and old, get the rust proofing for your car done after regular intervals.


Fix scratches

If you notice even a tiny scratch in your car, do it up right away. There’s a possibility that the scratch will aggravate if not treated on time. If it’s a minor scratch, just off the top, then you can touch it up with paint and finish off with a rubbing compound to get the original look back. If the scratch is deeper, you will have to deal with it differently – you will have to scrape off the paint around the scratch too, apply a layer of primer and then paint to get the proper finished look.

Toughest Cars In The World


Owning a rugged car is everyone’s dream. Those four-wheeled beasts which can sustain anything that comes their way are something we all look forward to. So which are these cars which are currently sweeping the world off their feet? Here we go, with a list of the toughest cars in the making in this day and age:

1. Volvo XC90

It’s the list of the toughest cars in the world we’re talking about – wouldn’t it be incomplete without mentioning Volvo in it? So here we are, with the Volvo XC90 – the toughest SUV out there! The stunning design of this car coupled with its sturdiness, is what gives it the plus points it deserved. So if you’re looking out to sort yourself for the next ten years, this model is the best you can get.

Volvo XC90

2. Jeep Wrangler

The only retro SUV available out there as of now, the Jeep Wrangler is a dependable all-terrain vehicle. A classic model, the features of this vehicle are impressive and won’t let you down at all. There’s a saying that goes with Wrangler cars – they can do what other cars can’t! And yes, you’re free to take it through whatever you wish to and still, it’s performance will be as excellent as ever! No compromise with performance and quality.

3. Mitsubishi Pajero

This mid-sized SUV is one of the best from the Japanese automobile industry. It is also famously known as Montero, depending upon which part of the country it is being sold. With a steady demand for many years now, Pajero keeps coming up with upgraded models every couple of years. And yes, just like the original sturdy and tough Pajero, these upgraded models too have a lot of demand from around the world.

Mitsubishi Pajero

4. Ford F-150 Raptor

The best full-sized truck out there, the Ford Raptor is the perfect fit if you’re looking out for a truck car. The specifications of this car are top-notch. It’s great for off-road use too, no matter how much off road usage you expose this car to, you won’t really face any issues regarding its performance and drive – that sturdy is this car.
Buying a sturdy car may cost you more, but when you actually think of the benefits these cars bring, it’s worth all the money. After all, these vehicles give you more than what normal vehicles have to offer. Have you made your pick yet?