Car shine

How To Maintain The Shine Of Your Car

Maintaining a car is something which you have to do to keep the look of the car intact. And what’s better than directing your effort to maintain the shine of your car to keep it looking brand new? Here are a few tips to keep your car looking as new as ever:



Clean the car

The best way to avoid scratches on your car is to make sure the surface of your car is clean. Even dust particles are enough to cause scratches on your car. , the surface of your car clean, is essential. Gently dust off any particles settled on the car and then clean it with water and mild shampoo. The shampoo won’t harm the paint of your car, and gentle cleaning ensures there are no scratches on the car’s surface.

Polish and wax

Find the right polish and wax that suits your car. You need to polish your car after every wash to ensure it stays clean for a longer time. Be careful which product you choose – some products have abrasive materials in them too, which work otherwise and ruin the look of the car.

Polish and wax

Paint conditioner

A paint conditioner works wonders when it comes to maintaining the paint of your car. Using a proper conditioner is important, though. Check out the ingredients of the products you’re planning to use for your car – there is a possibility that the paint conditioners have abrasive materials in them just like the wax. So yes, you have to be careful with the conditioner too.


Rust proofing your vehicle is an important aspect of keeping the shine of your vehicle for a longer time. Rust is any metals worst enemy – and to prevent your vehicle from looking shabby and old, get the rust proofing for your car done after regular intervals.


Fix scratches

If you notice even a tiny scratch in your car, do it up right away. There’s a possibility that the scratch will aggravate if not treated on time. If it’s a minor scratch, just off the top, then you can touch it up with paint and finish off with a rubbing compound to get the original look back. If the scratch is deeper, you will have to deal with it differently – you will have to scrape off the paint around the scratch too, apply a layer of primer and then paint to get the proper finished look.