Essential car maintenance tips

Essential Car Maintenance Tips

To ensure your car remains fit, have to keep maintaining it at regular intervals. What should I do to make sure my car stays new as ever and runs well too? Here are a few tips which you can consider, read on:

Check tyre pressure regularly

This is probably the first thing you should be doing when it comes to looking after your car. Making this a part of your weekly routine, is a must. The expenses which you would incur in case the pressure in the tyres is ignored are too high. So it’s best you keep a watch on this regularly.

Check the battery

You sure don’t want the battery of your car to run out when you need it the most. So keep a watch on the battery indicator on the dashboard – it’s there for a reason, right? So if it goes red, you’re the battery is seriously in need of recharge or replacement. Keep a watch and save yourself from untoward battery situations!


Check car fluids and oil

Car fluids and especially the oil are what keep the car functioning smoothly. You should never compromise on the engine oil – it’s like the blood which runs in the veins of the vehicle to keep it running without any glitches. If the engine oil turns black or reduces in quantity, your car may face issues. The same applies to other car fluids too. So all you have to do is check these fluids often and ensure they’re up to the required limits. If not, refill them immediately.

Check the air filter

The AC of your car will function well and circulate clean air only if you change the air filters in your car every year. The air that circulates in your car will be clean and fresh only if you have a clean air filter. So check it and replace it when it’s the right time.


Check Tyre alignment

Get the alignment of your tyres checked often. Getting your tyres balanced and rotated ensures your tyres have a long life without any major wear and tear. A small tyre check up once in a while is a must – it will not only keep your tyres in good condition for a long time but also ensure you won’t have to face significant expenses in the future.

Getting these small things checked should be an essential part of your car maintenance routine. So make sure you include these and keep a watch of all these aspects regularly.