Car repair

Basic Car Repairs Everyone Should Know

If you drive a car, you should know how to repair it too! Not the kind of full-fledged repairs mechanics do, but the easy to do and easy to understand ones which can help you in a rainy day. So here are some basic car repair tips which it’s best everyone knows – so read on:

1. Changing a flat tyre

Anyone can have a flat tyre at any time – day or night, between a trip or a normal drive to the office – a flat tyre is something that shouldn’t hinder you at all. This means that you have to learn how to change a flat tyre. It’s not that difficult as people think of it to be – once you learn it, it’s easy to change a flat tyre anytime. Just observe someone doing it and then try it out yourself, and you’re good to go.

2. Replacing the oil

Depending on what vehicle you have, you should know after what specific kilometres the oil in your vehicle should be changed. Oil is an essential aspect that keeps your vehicle smooth functioning, and replacing it after regular intervals to prevent it from turning black and tampering with the functioning of your car is essential. So yes, you need to be well versed with how to drain the oil from your car and also replace it with fresh oil.


3. Dealing with scratches

No one likes scratches on the car – even a tiny scratch can mar the appearance of the car. And getting it done from the showroom can prove to be expensive. So instead of ignoring the issue entirely or spending a bomb n getting rid of the scratches, you could learn how to deal with them by yourself! Learn it off from a YouTube video, and you’ll be thanking yourself (and us, too) later!

4. Replacing wipers

Wipers are the crux of the visibility of your car. Imagine driving through rainfall through without wipers functioning or broken! It’s not a really difficult task to repair or replace the wipers – so learn how to do it. In times when you really require the services of wipers, you’ll be grateful for learning how to fix them!

Learning how to do little repairs of your car by yourself won’t only save you money, but also help you in those rainy days when you desperately require help, and there’s none around. It’s best to start off with the basics and then move to the advanced repairing hacks.